Saturday, October 3, 2015

What are you looking for?

Dear friends,

The idea of the ISM interests a particular kind of priest and/or lay folk.  It is an extraordinary subject, but so much information, I am learning this as I read, research and reflect, is written with particular ends in mind.  This is not unique to the ISM or to any other field of enquiry, to be sure.  It is harder to address in ISM scholarship due to the already existing difficulty in finding reliable materials to collect data from and the many "sources" out there which require significant discernment from the researcher.

The modalities to address are manifold and I'm not surprised at all.  The ISM actually has quite honorable and profoundly theological origins.  I believe there are many in the movement who are sincere and feel God has everything to do with their being involved in the ISM.  But there are also questionable elements which have done much to discredit and bring anyone involved in the ISM under suspicion of possessing one or more of the following:

(A) Little to no education
(B) Little to no theological and pastoral preparation
(C) Moral issues
(D) Trouble with authority
(E) Questionable pasts with other "serious" and "accountable" denominations or traditions
(F) Desire to pontificate without any accountable
(G) Desire to work their "ministry" with little to no transparency
(H) Desire to acting as "real" priests without the need to be answerable to any hierarchy

I am sure there are other concerns out there which make our experience as Christians in the ISM quite challenging, in not notorious, at times.  I would encourage you to reflect on these questions and to do the same for the group you belong to.  We are open, free and yes, quite diverse.  However, how much of these characteristics should we have to bear as being our own?  In other words, Baptists don't feel accountable for what happens in the next Baptist church down the street.  Why are we somehow more sensitive to what does happen in the Old Catholic church around the corner?

Perhaps it is due to a conciliar mindset which we may not even notice is lurking.  We desire unity and it is quite elusive.  Perhaps it will never be available.  Perhaps some of us won't be here any longer to see those steps toward unification, reconciliation or any other modes of healing occur.

As of now, though, the efforts to pursue an ideal make my being a part of the ISM quite a joyful experience.  As a priest and scholar, I find both of my endeavors flourishing and experiencing a newness as never before provided.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Beginnings

Good evening.

If you have clicked on this link and arrived at this blog, you are seeking further information on the Independent Sacramental Movement (ISM). You are not mistaken.  We are the new ISM blog and we will be making strides in providing research, opinions, reflections, homilies and other materials, including books, articles and video for you.

We are literally just commencing this fantastic pilgrimage in, through and across one of the most fascinating stories in Church history.  We invite you to join us, subscribe, keep us in prayer and join a local ISM community in your neighborhood.  Walk alongside them as we stay the course together through this medium.

Thank you and continue to visit us.  We'll have something for your reading and review in a few days.

Know of prayers for you, your loved ones and your personal pilgrimage of faith.


Fr Daniel Medina, OSB